Why the StarLite LM?
  • The only certifiable device that can offers a smaller, portable, take home version of the very same anti wrinkle treatments they receive at a Dermatologist’s office from professional  LED systems.
  • No compromises in either energy or methodology from LED Therapy the Doctor’s perform in their office.
  • A completely safe and gentle treatment offering results with zero down time.
  • Therapy that is as close to purely holistic as one can get …. No needles, burning, cutting, chemicals.
  • Therapy that is complementary or augmentative to quality cosmological application and yet has been proven effective as a standalone treatment.
  • Something that works at home!

A Bit of Less Technical Explanation of the Starlite LM:

Your Skin is made up of 3 layers: the Epidermis, the Dermis and the Subcutaneous.
  • First layer is the Epidermis is the outer layer made up of non-living cells that form your body's protective cover. These cells are constantly being shed and replaced by new ones. The new cells are made in the lower part of the Epidermis. These are called Keratinocytes which produce the tough, fibrous protein called Keratin.
  • The next layer is the Dermis. It is thicker and contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. There are two main proteins in the Dermis or second layer of skin:
    • Collagen, approximately 3/4 of the Dermis is made up of this protein which is responsible for the strength and plumpness of the skin.
    • Elastin, which is responsible mainly for the elasticity of the skin.
  • The third layer is the Subcutaneous, it is the layer that contains the fatty tissues and stores energy, provides warmth and a cushion etc.
People need certain wavelengths of light similar to the way plants need sunlight to thrive. LED Light Therapy translates the process of plant photosynthesis into the workings of human skin cells; stimulating the body's own cells to build new proteins the same way plants use Chlorophyll to convert sunlight into cellular building blocks.

Your skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. The light rays that are emitted from the LED are beneficial for your skin, as they contain no UV rays. The problem with getting these same light rays from the sun is that you also get the harmful UV rays. These harmful rays can do more damage to your skin than good. With LED Light Therapy, when the correct wavelengths of light are closely and intensely flowed into the body, some pretty startling things start to occur:
    • Collagen and Elastin are produced in cells called Fibroblasts. Inside these cells is a smaller cellular structure called Mitochondria.
    • Mitochondria are responsible for converting nutrients into an energy carrier known scientifically as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This (ATP) fuels the cell's activities; it basically gives the cells the needed energy to do their job. This is the reason Mitochondria are frequently referred to as the powerhouse of the cell.
    • The LED sends light rays into the Fibroblast cells, which in turn excite the Mitochondria into producing in some cases up to 10 times more ATP, but usually 2 to 4 times. This fuels the cell's activities, which causes more of the needed Collagen and Elastin to be produced, as well as other needed materials for the skin.
    • The Collagen plumps up the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while the Elastin helps to firm skin that has began to sag.

A Bit of Technical Explanation of the Starlite LM:
  • The mechanisms of LED light therapy involve the absorption of specific wavelengths of light by a photo-acceptor molecule, which may be endogenously produced or synthesized and/or applied exogenously to the host. ( ref: Sodium Potassium Pump)
  • Irradiation of the photo-acceptor molecule generates production of cytotoxic singlet oxygen. A cascade of cellular responses is thus initiated, resulting in modulation of cell function, cell proliferation, and possible repair of compromised cells. This process of cellular function enhancement is referred to as  “photo-biomodulation”.
  • The selection of an appropriate wavelength is fundamental to phototherapy for photo-biomodulation as cellular reactions display specificity to irradiation (color of light) wavelengths.
  • Numerous Peer Reviewed Clinical studies have demonstrated that in vitro irradiation of fibroblasts with 633-nm wavelength light increased pro-collagen synthesis fourfold from baseline while exhibiting no effect on the activity of the collagen  regulating proteolytic enzymes collagenase and gelatinase. Irradiation with this red light increased fibroblastic growth factor synthesis from photoactivated macrophages and accelerated mast cell (appearance of inflammation) degeneration. These in vitro results have been supported in similar journal published clinical trials involving human subjects.
  • Numerous Peer Reviewed Clinical studies have demonstrated that in vitro irradiation  with Light in the 830-nm (near infrared) wavelength is absorbed in the cellular membrane rather than in cellular organelles, which remain the target when using light in the visible spectrum. This I/R irradiation leads to accelerated fibroblast-myofibroblast transformation and mast cell degranulation. In addition, chemotaxis and phagocytic activity of leucocytes and macrophages are enhanced through cellular stimulation by this wavelength. These in vitro results have been supported in similar journal published clinical trials involving human subjects.
  • The synergistic effects of 633-nm and 830-nm wavelength at sufficient Joule protocols  will enhance fibroblast proliferation and thus increase collagen synthesis as well as stimulate inflammatory cell lines such as mast cells and macrophages. This may result in improved skin rejuvenation. 
Rapid Dermatologist/Clinically Based Treatment Protocol:
  • 2 times a week for 4 weeks. 
  • 8 separate 20-minute treatments over a 28-day period for a total of 160 minutes.
  • StarLite-LM is simply added to your existing skin care regimen.  User can continue to use all of the user’s favorite skin care products. 
  • Visible improvement of fine line wrinkles after 3-7 weeks. 
  • Clinical studies of this LED protocol have consistently resulted in ~ 75% of study participants reporting significant wrinkle reduction as well as improvements in skin tone, elasticity and smoothness.  
Three Dimensional Light Pattern: 

The optimum therapeutic value of light pattern is white and the lowest is blue with a topped pattern of white being therapeutically ideal. 

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