String Back LSO Back Brace

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The String Back LSO utilizes a fixed wheel and string system to cinch the user into a supine position and immobilize the back region. The String Back system provides circumferential compression, and is essential in stabilizing the spine, and promoting the healing process following post-operative back surgery.

Both anterior and posterior panels provide lumbar sacral support and rigidity, necessary to take the pressure off and create decompression for the spine. The String Back utilizes a comfortable soft corset brace, coupled with the String Back system, to clamp the rigid supports into place.

The String Back system provides easy application through a smooth gliding tension pull system, making it easy even for weaker patients.

The String Back is operated by first properly sizing the brace to the patient based on the sizing chart (note the waist measurement is around the navel). While in a standing position, the String Back can be wrapped around the waist area, with the posterior panel centered in the back area, and resting on the top of the buttocks. Velcro close the front ends with the anterior thermoplastic panel centered in the front. Make sure the wrap is tightly Velcro closed, and then lastly, pull tight the draw string cord until the desired level of support is achieved. Secure the drawstring by Velcro clasping it where you see fit on the wrap. The String Back should feel almost “custom-sized” and snugly fitted to the patient as the posterior panel cinches into position. The lower back region should feel slightly lifted, so as to reduce the pressure on the lower lumbar region.

The LSO Spinal Bracing system - Indicated for use for chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, stenosis, and more. Provides an anatomically correct fit, as well as, seamlessly adjustable lumbar compression.


  1. Post-op: Following stabilizing surgery,following lumbar disk surgery.
  2. Degenerative pathologies: Osteoporosis, lumbar-sacral vertebrae complaint,protrusions, arthritis.
  3. Muscular pathologies: Muscular contractures.
  4. Chronic back pain
  5. Chronic lumbar instability
  6. Herniated lumbar disc
  7. Degenerative disc disease
  8. Spondylosis
  9. Stenosis
  10. Post operative rehabilitation

Available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XXLarge, XXXLarge, 4XLarge, 5XLarge sizes.
Product Dimensions: Middle pannel in 14" Waist pannels are 8"

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