Sweetheart Tea (20 Bags)

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The Strauss Herb Company is the result of eight generations, dating back to the 18th century, of Austrian herbalist tradition and knowledge.  

Strauss Sweetheart Tea is a special combination of herbs carefully selected for balance of taste, aroma and supportive benefits. 

Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine for:
- Digestive disturbance
- Dyspeptic complaints
- Indigestion
- Loss of appetite

Cinnamon bark: warms the body and enhances digestion
Licorice root: soothes the stomach
Nutmeg: improves appetite and digestion
Carob: used for indigestion and heartburn

No additives, no preservatives, no caffeine and no artificial flavouring (100% natural).

Storage: Store tea in original package in a dark, dry cupboard. Or store in NHT Apothecary Jar.

Product of Canada


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