TheraBreath Starter Kit

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There is a solution to your problem and you can find it from TheraBreath.

Containing one rinse, one gel, and one tongue scraper, this kit will get you started with the basic TheraBreath regimen. We recommend the TheraBreath Complete Beginner's Kit for those with odors coming from the back of the throat, sinus passages, or tonsil area.

How To Use This Product

Regular Brushing and Rinsing:
Gently scrape your tongue with the tongue scraper, reaching as far back as possible. Then put some of the toothpaste on the tongue scraper and coat your tongue as far back as possible without gagging. Brush normally for 1-2 minutes, making sure to brush the roof of your mouth, the insides of your cheeks, and your tongue. When you feel like you need to spit, do so, but do not rinse with water. When you are done brushing, rinse thoroughly with the oral rinse for at least 60 seconds.

This product is made with pure, natural ingredients

Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Products with this seal contain plant-derived ingredients and/or ingredients that exist in nature.

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