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This is organic Moor Mud from Heviz, Hungary designed for professional spa use. Now available for home use! 

Use as a body mask or as a bath for: 

  • Absorption of Nutrients: With its unique biological, geological, and chemical properties, the healing factors of Moor Mud are easily bioavailable and readily assimilated by the body. When dissolved in a bath, Moor Mud’s healing agents are absorbed transdermally through the skin and absorbed into the blood via the skin capillaries.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Moor Mud possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are indicated for arthritis, gastrointestinal inflammation, and skin disorders. Recent research demonstrates the effectiveness of Moor Mud for osteoarthritis of the knee. Moor Peat is also indicated for sports injuries including strains, sprains, and bruising.
  • Detoxification and Biopurification: Moor Mud acts as a natural chelating agent due to various pectin substances and minerals which have the ability to bind and remove toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, copper, and cadmium from the tissues of the body and eliminate them safely through the channels of elimination.
  • Hormonal Modulation: Several research studies demonstrate that Moor Mud has a significant effect on regulating cortisol in the body, helping with inflammatory and joint disorders. Research also indicates that Moor Mud can regulate and modulate estrogen and progesterone.
  • Nervous System Stimulant: Moor Mud affects nervous system fibers situated between the cells of the epidermis. Reflexively, all organs are stimulated via the nervous systems from the Moor Mud.
  • Circulation System Stimulant: Moor Mud significantly affects circulation and blood flow to the skin. It improves blood flow by inducing vasoconstriction and vasodilation, creating a mechanical pumping action that improves blood circulation locally and systemically.
  • Cosmetic Effects of Moor Mud: The active constituents of Moor Mud bind to and penetrate the cells of the outer skin. The binding process with the proteins in the skin results in an exchange of ions. Harmful positive ions in the tissue of the skin are exchanged for the rejuvenating negative ions in the Moor Mud. The particles are the absorbed into the blood stream generating a healing process throughout the body. Moor Mud’s cosmetic benefits result from the presence of essential oils, fatty acids, lipoids, and trace minerals, which occur naturally and are not artificially introduced.

Lake Herviz is the world's largest thermal mineral spring lake. Torf Organic Hévíz Moor Mud is the very same mud used by Hévíz medicinal Spa Hospital (St. Andrew's State Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation). In St. Andrew's State Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, Hévíz Moor Mud is used in packs for pain management and injury rehabilitation and treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases.

As the majority old, well-known European Spas, Hévíz Spa started to develop in the 19th century. It came to prominence after World War I. The warm and mineral rich waters and mud of Hévíz Lake have been know since Roman times. It is the largest thermal mineral spring lake in the world. The Hévíz Spa has become an important medicinal spa in Hungary and is visited by tens of thousands of patients every year.

The lake's water temperature ranges from 74F in winter to 95F in summer.  The curative effect of the mud is especially strong.  The mud type falls between the purely inorganic clay and the organic fango, with high organic content - beneficial humic & fulvic acids. It contains 20% of organic components, so its heat storing capacity is very high. Main components are the decomposed different plant fibres and minerals from naural springs. Its inorganic part consists mainly of calcium and magnesium carbonates and sulphates. 

The Torf Organic Herviz Moor Mud is humic and fulvic acids are beneficial in skin detoxification and cleansing.

100% natural Moor Mud. Perserviative Free. Bio-available minerals: Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfides help to re-mineralize tissues. 

Available in: 8 oz which is up to 2 wraps or bath sessions, or 32 oz (2 lbs) which is up to 8 wraps or bath sessions

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