Ultrasonic Humidifier with Oil Diffuser

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Elegant design and whisper quiet operation. Will help you breathe easier and sleep more comfortably. Provides year-round relief from the drying effects of AC and Heater. High humidity output with stepless control dial. Feature dry protection and water refill indicator.

Features and Functions

· Cool mist (ultrasonic technology)
· Fragrance or medicine oil diffuser
· Stepless mist control dial
· Night light with independent switch 
· High humidity output
· Silent operation
· Adjustable mist intensity
· Auto shut-off protection (ultrasonic generator only)
· 2.3 liters tank capacity
· Designed for rooms up to 450 sq. ft.
· ETL certified

Product Manual and Instructions.


• Remove diffuser stick from container. move fragrance container from bottom of base.  
• Carefully pour your desired fragrance or medication oil into bottle. Using a dropper is recommended. 
• Replace diffuser stick, pushing all the way to the bottom. 
• Replace fragrance to base and be sure it is securely in place. 

• Before attempting to remove the fragrance container, first remove water tank and empty water from base. 

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