Vita Min Herb for Men

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Vita•Min•Herb for Men is a foundational step on your path towards true health and wellness. Our time-honored whole food formula is made with organic ingredients and provides men of all ages an entirely new level of elemental wellness, renewed energy, and core health.
Formerly Vita Synergy
for Men
Men's Multivitamin at Natural Healing Tools

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men is a foundational step on your path towards true health and wellness. Our time-tested, organic formula provides men of all ages a whole new level of elemental wellness, renewed energy, and core health.

Unfortunately, most multivitamins in the marketplace are made with nothing but cheap, ineffective and unbalanced synthetic “isolates” and a load of chemical additives—more like junk food than health food.

Nature’s medium for delivering nutrients to our bodies has always been pure, whole foods. This fundamental wisdom guided every step in the creation of Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men. In it, we have united our innovative organically grown vitamins and minerals with meaningful amounts of our Synergized® organic herbal extracts created to support and sustain your healthy energy, libido, heart, brain, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. The result is a rich, biologically superior all-in-one formulation that supports and fortifies a man’s body and his dynamic physiology.

Organic Vitamins: Replenish these core nutrients daily…and thrive

Rich in all 13 of the essential vitamins plus their abundant co-factors, Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men delivers every vitamin that your body requires to thrive and regenerate. Because we believe (and the best research reveals) that your body should have pure nutrients—not artificial chemicals—each of our vitamins is made organically in our unique food-grown form exactly as nature intended. This generates a genuinely different experience for your body, offering a profound level of nourishment that only comes from taking real, whole food vitamins. Our formula features the best, most innovative and genuinely natural forms available including highly esteemed vitamin K2 from natto, vegetarian-derived vitamin D3 in ample quantity, an abundance of Vitamin E and B12, and much, much more. We spared nothing to make the finest organic vitamins available anywhere—and your body will notice.

Organic Minerals: Essential nutrients your body can’t live without

Minerals are central to good health and indispensable to life. Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men contains a unique and balanced blend of food-matrix minerals—not rocks, not chemical isolates. Like our vitamins, each of our minerals is organically grown and part of the highly bioavailable, “whole food” synergy. Gone is the question about whether your mineral supplement is in the optimal form for safety, digestive ease, and absorption. What’s more, the minerals in Vita•Min•Herb were designed to perfectly combine with our plant-based bone health product, Bone Renewal ™, which contains the ideal amounts of bio-organic calcium and magnesium along with 12 other well-researched, exclusive ingredients.

Synergized Herbal Extracts for a Man’s Body

Along with our organically grown vitamins and minerals, our exclusive Synergized® herbal extracts and spice blend are what makes Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men so very different from anything else on the market today. Relying on both deep, traditional herbal wisdom and the best of modern science, we have carefully selected each fine ingredient from nature to support a man’s most vital systems—energy, libido, digestive, immune, brain, and heart. Many multivitamin formulas claiming to contain health-supportive botanicals have nothing more than a “dash” of low-quality herb powders of little benefit—what we call “fairy dust”—just so they can list it on the ingredient label. Don’t be fooled by imposters—get the real thing and feel the difference!

  • One daily serving is equal to an entire ¼ lb (1 full cup) of fresh, organic greens & herbs
  • Contains the equivalent of several stand-alone herbal products—all in just one bottle
  • Energizes, supports and balances your body’s important organs and systems

Targeted Support for your Whole Body

  • Men’s Energy and Vitality Builder: Energizing and harmonizing herbs to build a renewed sense of vitality and vigor
  • Men’s Heart Health: A blend of heart healthy botanicals and bioflavonoids to deeply nourish your ultimate, life-giving organ
  • Men’s Immune Strength: Valuable, time-honored herbs to support a strong, healthy immune response
  • Men’s Mind and Brain Support: A rich selection of herbs to promote mental clarity, focus, memory, and a healthy brain
  • Men’s Digestive Ease: Calming and healing botanicals to both ease and strengthen your digestive system
  • Men’s Fortifying Spice Blend: A powerful blend of spices to support a man’s vital physiology
Vita•Min•Herb for Men nutritional facts

Benefits of Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Men

  • Broad spectrum support for men of all ages with wide-ranging needs
  • The ultimate “multi” for those seeking optimal health and vibrant well-being (recommended 6/day serving)
  • Delivers an organic, highly bioavailable form of vitamins, minerals, and co-factors
  • Synergized® herbal extracts provide targeted support for your energy, libido, heart, brain, digestion & immune system
  • Maximizes your ongoing energy, vitality, and virility
  • Promotes optimal athletic performance, endurance, and recovery
  • Fosters a clear, focused, energized mind
  • Deeply nourishing and restorative for your whole body
  • Can be taken with or without meals and is gentle on the most sensitive stomachs

Optimal 6/day Serving Size

 Reap the full benefit of our world-renowned formula with our recommended serving of 3 tablets 2x/day. This serving size provides the ideal concentrations of our exclusive Synergized herbal extracts and a full spectrum of our organically grown vitamins and minerals—all designed for your optimal restoration and lifelong health.

 3/day Serving Size

 90 count bottle with its 3/day serving size is the ideal choice for those seeking a more economical option, a smaller daily portion, or for those acclimating to our optimal 6/day serving. While 6 tablets/day is the ideal, long-term serving size for optimal benefit, even at 3/day the nutritional and regenerative value is vastly superior to “comparable” products on the market today.

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