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Yes Whey Powder YES™ Whey comes in both Vanilla and Chocolate and is the highest quality, 100% natural whey protein mix available. It is perfect for both adults and kids and is in the ideal biological form for optimal use by your body. 
Contains 15 gms of protein per scoop (20 grams). There are 30 servings per container. Total fat is 1 gm and total carbs is 2 gms.

Why choose YES™ Whey! Protein?

Bio-active YES Whey! is produced with minimal processing in order to maintain the full range of fragile immune-supporting and regenerative nutrition found in natural whole milk. It is non-denatured, free of GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics. The milk used to produce YES Whey! is derived from cows that graze year round on natural, pesticide-free, chemical-free pastures. You can drink a serving before meals to reduce hunger and prior to workout to increase energy. 

Whey is not just for body builders!

Whey Protein has many stigmas about it, from being the king of protein to being only used by muscle heads and being akin with the likes of steroids, it is undeniable that whey can be a controversial subject for some.  However, what is not controversial is whey's results and benefits in recent studies.

1. Antoxidant Effects:  Whey may have an antioxidant effect due to its high concentrations of cysteine and thiol amino acids, which are crucial to the production of what some call "The Mother of All Antioxidants", glutathione.  This was shown that by taken Whey Protein Isolate versus the control that glutathione synthesis grew by 64%, and that it also helped the body with free radical scavenging (this free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity was also seen when Spirulanna was taken in this study).

2. Enhances Immune Function: Whey Protein may help boost the immune system, as it was shown in a study showing that mice who were given Whey had an "immune response. . . higher then that of mice fed an equivalent diet of casein of similar nutritional equivalency".  This lead the authors of the study to say that further evidence of the important role of glutathione in the immunoenhancing effect of dietary whey protein.

3. Builds Muscle With Training: In a study by the University of Connecticut, 147 untrained men and women were assigned to take either whey protein, soy protein, or carbohydrate drink of equal caloric value after exercise or with breakfast on rest days.  The group that took the Whey Protein had the highest extra strength gains (7.3 pounds) versus Soy (3.9 pounds) in the preliminary results. 

4. May Help Retain Muscle in Eldery: Loss of muscle in the elderly is known as sarcopenia, and whey protein may help this syndrome.  It has been shown in studies that Branch Chain Amino Acids and particularly Lecuine "have been shown to acutely stimulate muscle protein synthesis in older individuals" and that  Whey protein has a high amount of these BCAAs and is especially high in Lecuine (10% of Whey Protein).

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